Library Resources Featured in From Anywhere Newsletter

The Office of Scholarly Communication at Texas Tech University Libraries will be writing guest posts for From Anywhere, the monthly newsletter for Worldwide eLearning. Worldwide eLearning is TTU’s campus unit for online and distance education.

Intro from the Newsletter post:

Libraries are usually associated with books or a quiet place to study. In fact, many people think they do not use library resources if they do not enter a physical building or check out a print book. However, Texas Tech University Libraries has many resources and services behind the stacks.

Another asset outside articles, books and media is the “customer service” available to students and faculty. Texas Tech librarians are unique in that they are not only organizers of information, but are faculty with expertise and scholarship. Staff members are also knowledgeable and serve on the front lines for Raiders, on or off campus. Librarians are great connectors and can lead to new ideas, tools and networking (yes, even virtually). Add to the convenience of online learning and use resources already made freely available to Raiderland.

To read more visit:

Why Online Learners Should Take Advantage of Library Resources


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