What Can I Put in Blackboard? featured in Worldwide eLearning Newsletter

First, what is protected by copyright?
Original works of authorship fixed in any tangible medium of expression. That means no formal registration or even notation (e.g. © ) is necessary once an idea has been written down or put into a format. Copyrighted works include things like audiovisual works, graphics, sculptures, dramatic works, literary works, architectural works and performance works.

What do you do with the copyrighted materials?

What How to Use
Public Domain Materials (Government documents, work dated before 1923 with no renewal) Linking
Creative Commons Licenses Embedding
Open Educational Resources Uploading
Owned Content Linking
Licensed Content Embedding

Exemptions for Teaching
The TEACH Act makes many exemptions for face to face courses, but online teaching is more conditional due to the nature of the web.

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